Young adult continuous armchair with baluster legs. Black over red. $750.

Spalted-wormy live edge maple bench/table with French polish finish and white oak legs painted Washington Crossing blue.

This piece of maple came from a tree that fell in a storm in 2006 on the spot that is now occupied by the Aston Windsor Chair Shop. $250

Sycamore stool with red poplar legs. $110.

Spalted-wormy live edge maple bench with French polish finish and white oak legs with washed Washington Crossing blue legs. This piece of wood also came from the tree that fell in a storm in 2006 on the spot that is now occupied by the AWCS. $250

Sycamore 3 legged stool with blue over yellow poplar legs. $105.

Walking sticks. $40 to $70.

Walnut bench with blue poplar baluster legs. $250


Comb Back Armchair with carved handholds and carved  volutes on crest and handholds. Black over red. $900

Fan back windsor side chair with baluster legs and posts. Black over red. $500.

Handcrafted Quality

Sycamore stool with green poplar baluster legs. $135.

Sycamore seat 3 legged stool with white oak baluster legs. All natural color. $115

Aston Windsor Chair Shop

Walnut bench with walnut legs. A mix of windsor chair making techniques with Nakashima influence. $300 SOLD

White pine 3 legged stool with poplar legs. Green over yellow. $100. 

Sack back windsor armchair. Black over red milk paint. $750.

Comb back Windsor armchair with carved volutes on crest and carved handhold, and baluster legs. Black over red milk paint. $900