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Making Windsor chairs started many years ago for me when a friend showed me a cabinet he had made for his father.

As a self-taught woodworker, I’ve made a good bit of firewood in the past 25 years of woodworking. Originally drawn to power tools, I’ve found a healthy balance between the satisfaction of using a perfectly sharp and tuned hand tool, and power tools.

Windsor chairs, benches and stools all start as logs. Seat blanks are cut from the log using a chainsaw mill. The chair seat blanks are normally made from white pine or poplar. Bench and stool seat blanks can be made from a variety of woods but usually oak, sycamore and walnut. Legs, stretchers, crests, arm posts, arm rails, bows and spindles are split from the logs using sledgehammers, wedges, gluts, froe and froe mallet. Legs, stretchers and posts are usually made from maple, cherry, walnut or sycamore and are turned on either a modern lathe or a foot powered pedal lathe. The crests, arm rails, bows and spindles are further shaped on a shavehorse using drawknives and spokeshaves. Whatever is not used in chair parts will either be used to make canes and walking sticks, or become firewood.

Over the years of making various wooden items for family and friends, I came across an article for making a stool. I still have and use that stool almost every day in my shop.
Feel under the seat and find the telltale tool marks of a hand made wooden item.  A Windsor chair is surprisingly light in weight and supple in the way it cradles your body as you sit in it. You can feel the spindles slightly bend as you lean back into its comfort.  

Let me make one, or a set, for you and your generations to come.