Handmade Windsor Chairs and Wooden Items

As a self-taught woodworker, I’ve made a good bit of firewood in the past 25 years of woodworking. Originally drawn to power tools, I’ve found a healthy balance between the satisfaction of using a perfectly sharp and tuned hand tool, and power tools.

The Windsor chair is an enduring style of American chair with its roots in English country outdoor furniture. Handmade Windsor chairs have been in the United States since the mid-1700s. Through the efforts of local craftsmen like myself, the Windsor chair will endure for many more years.    

Each chair and all of its parts are handmade here in my Aston, PA shop. Locally sourced woods, such as white pine, poplar, maple,  oak, hickory, ash, cherry, sycamore and walnut are used in particular parts of the chair, just as they were back in the colonial days.

But this is not all we do. Various wooden items are also made such as stools, benches, walking sticks/canes, beer/growler caddies, pens, and snowmen.

See and Feel the Difference

Aston Windsor Chair Shop


Over the years of making various wooden items for family and friends, I came across an article for making a stool. I still have and use that stool almost every day in my shop.
A Windsor chair is surprisingly light in weight and supple in the way it cradles your body as you sit in it. You can feel the spindles slightly bend as you lean back into its comfort. Feel under the seat and find the telltale tool marks of a hand made wooden item. Let me make one, or a set, for you and your generations to come.

Making Windsor chairs started many years ago for me when a friend showed me a cabinet he had made for his father.

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